Why Open Wide

Because together we are changing the face of dentistry for the impoverished

Open Wide Foundation is a paradigm shift in humanitarian dental care. Its model of sustainable care profoundly impacts the state of oral health in communities.

Open Wide foundation

goes where the need for dentistry is greatest

Most impoverished communities do not have access to dental care; the majority of the population have never seen a dentist. Open Wide establishes clinics in places where previously no access was available and provides resources to local dentists providing services to the local community.

Permanent Clinics

Permanent Clinics with Ongoing Patient Care

Open Wide clinics are complete with modern equipment donated by our industry partners and individual donors, and stocked with supplies, making it possible to provide preventive and restorative care where none existed before.

Local Support

Government support & Local PARTNERSHIPS

Open Wide model clinics are funded and staffed in partnership with the local community government. The community staffs and maintains the clinic, while Open Wide provides dental volunteers, equipment and supplies. This partnership ensures the success of the clinic for the long term.

Educating and Mentoring

Educating and Mentoring

Open Wide volunteers enjoy the opportunity to mentor local dental residents and work alongside dentists from the communities. Patient oral health outreach, prevention and public education are all key element of the program.

A Model of Sustainability

A Model of Sustainability

After five years, the community takes over all aspects of a model clinic, leaving a legacy of continuing care and improved health for the people of the community for generations to come.

Financial Standards

Financial Standards

Spear Education and private donors fund all administrative costs so 100% of all individual donations go directly to patient care supplies, equipment maintenance, supplementing resident supplies and program expansion.

Openwide Provides a Turnkey Approach to the Volunteer Experience

Everything from point of arrival to point of departure is taken care of for the volunteers experience a dental volunteer opportunity similar to working in their own clinics.