Peronia Model Dental Clinic

Peronia Model Dental Clinic
Peronia clinic has become a model dental clinic in Guatemala. It is already considered the highest technological dental clinic in Central America. With the future plans for a CEREC and Digital Panoramic X-ray, donated by individuals and industry partners, exciting new patient services will be possible.

The number and reach of volunteer doctor groups providing weeks of service are steadily increasing and a number of specialists are planning annual specialty weeks including: Pediatric, Oral Surgery, Sleep Apnea, and Special Needs weeks.

Picture Dr. Jarrod Cornehl in model dental clinic in Peronia

A new alliance with private dental university Mariano Galvez has been forged this year which includes five (5)+ full time resident dental students being supervised at the Open Wide clinics for their final 6 months of practicum. The agreement also includes the University offering dental courses developed and taught by SPEAR Open Wide volunteers.

With the opening of new Open Wide Foundation clinics, the Peronia model dental clinic will serve as an educational base to teach the new administrators and dental staff from these new clinics about all aspects of running a dental clinic such as patient scheduling, charting, infection control, etc. In this way Peronia is truly a model – supporting the expansion of access to sustainable dental care throughout Guatemala.

Through this multifaceted approach Open Wide is raising the standard in oral health care in Guatemala by providing increased access to care, expanding dental services in both numbers and types of procedures, offering practicum opportunities for local resident dental students, adding OWF sponsored university-level dental courses and expanding the reach of oral health education and community outreach.