A Strong Foundation to Build On

Open-Wide-FoundationFor years I have spoken about how a meaningful life is a life full of feelings of abundance and gratitude. That’s an idea that is reinforced in all of our various faith traditions, and I know we all accept it on an intellectual level. But it’s not until you experience something special, something that amplifies those feelings in a profound way, that you really begin to appreciate what it means. For me, that just happened.

Two weeks ago at our annual Faculty Club event, we launched the Open Wide Foundation, a project that has been close to my heart for some time now. The goal of the foundation is simple: to bring the life-changing benefits of dentistry to those who need it most desperately. We’re starting with a clinic in Peronia, Guatemala. Eventually, we plan to deliver much-needed care and caring to patients in clinics around the world, including here in the U.S. If you haven’t heard about this yet, please take a few moments right now to bookmark this site so you can see what the excitement is about and follow the progress.

Frank Spear Profile with titleWhen I first started discussing the idea for the foundation, I knew I could expect support, but even I have to admit I wasn’t prepared for how enthusiastic the response has been. My partners, Dr. Frank Spear and Dr. Glen Wysel, put their hearts (and their time and resources) into the project from the start. Our partners in the industry stepped up in a big way by donating equipment to the clinic we’re building. And now, in just the two weeks since the launch, you are coming forward to say, “I want to be involved in this.” 150 dentists contributing over $180,000. 125 of those dentists committed to providing one week of care in the clinic.

This is what I mean about really experiencing the effects of abundance and gratitude. Working on this project and seeing this response has energized me like nothing else I’ve done—and that feeling is carrying over to everything I do. It has changed the way I approach challenges and the way I interact with people every day. It’s true: You never feel richer than when you have the opportunity to give in a truly significant way.

To all of you who have made the launch of the Open Wide Foundation so successful, I offer my heartfelt thanks. And thank you as well to those of you who are going to join us and help make this foundation an ongoing testament to the life-changing power of dentistry. I’ll keep you updated in the weeks to come—in the meantime, you can find out more about how to get involved by calling 855-843-8444 or e-mailing us at openwide@openwidefoundation.org.