Open Wide Foundation adds Remote Clinics throughout Guatemala

One of the biggest hurdles to starting a dental clinic in impoverished communities is the cost of equipment. Community leaders experience frustration with the fact that the need for dental care is great and potential clinic buildings are accessible but they stand empty simply because they are too expensive to equip.

In response, Open Wide Foundation has established “remote clinics” throughout central Guatemala. Through the generosity of Patterson and individual donors we have been able to source donated dental equipment from the U.S. and match it to local municipalities who have the clinic buildings and the ability to staff and stock them but no resources to meet the initial cost of equipping them. Training will be made available to all remote clinic staff through our model clinic in Peronia. Our plan makes it possible for communities for which access to dental care was only a dream to having a local functioning clinic in a very short period of time.

Since the opening of our model clinic in Peronia in January 2012, we have established 6 new sites which are within the reach of more than a million people, providing dental services where no prior access was available.