Glen Wysel, DDS


Glen Wysel, D.D.S., is a dentist and visionary entrepreneur whose 35-year career has touched thousands of lives across the dental industry.

Dr. Wysel received his undergraduate degree from the University of Montana, where he attended on a dual athletic scholarship for football and golf. He continued his education Northwestern University School of Dental Medicine, graduating in the top 5% of his class. As a young dentist Dr. Wysel quickly grew his private practice to a level of success enjoyed by few solo practitioners at the time.

In 1986 Dr. Wysel left private practice to join pioneer Kendrick Mercer in the launch of a full-service financial and life planning firm focused on healthcare professionals. He went on to become a co-owner in the firm and in 2008 realized its successful capitalization. Through his work helping other dentists clarify their practice and life goals and integrate them into a comprehensive personal financial plan, Dr. Wysel discovered a passion that would carry through to his future professional endeavors and eventually to the founding of Open Wide Foundation.

Beginning in 2005 Dr. Wysel helped envision, develop and launch a world-class clinical continuing education center in Scottsdale, Arizona—now home to SPEAR Education. Though retired from day-to-day responsibilities, he remains a co-owner of Scottsdale Center for Dentistry and Spear Education. Together with his wife, Lisa, Dr. Wysel now focuses his time and energy on sharing Open Wide’s message to dentists from around the world. He also never tires of perfecting his golf game or playing with his grandchildren, and loves to share good wine with great friends.

In 2011, Dr. Wysel co-founded Open Wide Foundation together with his wife Lisa, Drs. Frank and Charlene Spear and Co-chairman of the Board Imtiaz Manji.Open Wide Foundation’s mission is to significantly impact better oral health to communities in need. Through strong relationships with industry leaders as partners of SPEAR,  Open Wide’s founders reached out and partnered with dental corporations (Patterson, Sirona, A-dec), local government and dental schools in Guatemala to open a sustainable first class dental clinic in an impoverished neighborhood near Guatemala City. The clinic is staffed year round by a combination American dentists, local Guatemalan dentists and dental students, and the occasional American dental students. Dr. Wysel involved in the development and management…PHOTO ALBUM

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