Dr. Rodrigo Davila


(Peronia, Guatemala)

Dentist, Municipality of Villa Nueva

Dr. Davila started at the Peronia Clinic as a resident dental student from the University of San Carlos Dental School. His enthusiasm for learning and commitment to patient care led him to being offered the full-time dentist position in Peronia from the Municipality of Villa Nueva. He joined the Peronia dental team shortly after obtaining his DDS.

Dr. Rodrigo focuses on Pediatric and Special Care dentistry. In addition to seeing patients, he has been strongly involved in annual Pediatric and Special Care dentistry weeks at the clinic and is currently going through training at the Open Wide CEREC Center in Guatemala City. He also mentors and oversees dental student residents from the University of Mariano Galvez Dental School and works along side dental volunteers with the dental team throughout the year.

“I am thrilled to be part of providing dentistry to the community in Peronia. Our dental team at the clinic is dedicated to continuing to improve oral health through prevention, educating each patient, and providing restorative services.  I love seeing the right services made available to keep mouths healthy for the gracious people we serve.”


Ana Edith Hernandez Escobar Peronia Dental Clinic  | 5a Calle y 3ra Ave La Selva, Peronia Zona 8 de Villa Nueva  |  011-502-5825-2863