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Ambassador Profile | Michael Johnson, D.D.S.

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Dr. Johnson earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology at Brigham Young University. He then went on to attend the University of Minnesota Dental School where he graduated in 1984.

Mike has been a sole practitioner for over thirty years in Mesa, Arizona and has maintained a career long commitment to continuing education, mentoring and dental volunteering including: Peru, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras.  Dr. Johnson currently serves as Visiting Faculty at SPEAR Education, Co-Chairman of the Mesa SPEAR Dental Study Club and as Director on the Open Wide Foundation Board.

As Chairman of two Open Wide committees: Clinical and Educational Development, Mike played an integral part of the project from it’s inception. From the initial envisioning and planning through the project’s clinical set-up, design and inauguration Dr. Johnson volunteered tirelessly to further the foundation’s mission. During his multiple trips Guatemala (see trip details below) Dr. Johnson’s also provided patient services and hands-on case mentoring of local dentists and dental students. He was also involved in building relationships and the establishment of U.S. Dentist taught dental courses and labs at the University of Mariano Galvez.

“The creation of Open Wide Foundation opened a new chapter in my life. A few years ago, the SPEAR Education leadership was getting very serious about creating a foundation where we would have the opportunity to set up a sustainable clinic in a third-world country with the goal of making an impact on the community. I was very excited when I heard the word ‘sustainable’ attached to the word ‘clinic.’






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2011 (April & October)

Initial community selection reviews, met with universities and municipality officials. Initial protocols, agreements, land secured, clinic design for the model clinic which was a 1750 sq. feet with 5 operatories, two x-ray stations, lavatories, storage, reception, waiting room, sterilization area and mechanical room.

2012 (January)

Groundbreaking Dec 23rd 2011, inauguration January 23rd 2012. 500+ local community, mayors, 200+ local volunteers and partners. First group of dentists providing services from new Peronia clinic.

2013 (January, May & October)

1st Anniversary of the clinic opening, talks with the University on additional involvement.

2014 (February & May)

1st course at the University of Mariano Galvez “Concepts of templates in Treatment Planning”. Inauguration of the San Pedro Sacatapequez Dental Clinic.

2015 (June)

Delivering the university course on The Concept of using templates in Treatment Planning. and piloting new course on the basics of occlusion


“As dentists, we are very blessed to have a skill that can be shared with others literally anywhere in the world. With this skill we can immediately help impact others in a humanitarian way. We have the ability to relieve pain, remove infection, give people a smile that they never had and a hope that they may have only dreamed about. We dentists have the ability to do these things not only in our back yard but also to under-served areas in third-world countries. That is exactly what we are doing in Guatemala.

“The biggest impact on me has been two-fold. Every time I go on one of these trips, I come back changed. I have a deeper perspective on life, and am more clearly focused on things that are important. I also learn a lot from those I serve. Culturally speaking, they live such a simple life, have very few possessions, and yet they are some of the happiest and most appreciative people I have ever served. It keeps me coming back.”