Dr. Johanna Tesoniero

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Ambassador Profile  |  Dr. Johanna Tesoniero

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“My passion is improving people’s lives, whether through their smiles (my patients), developing their skills (the doctors I mentor) or building successful teams. I enjoy working with teams and creating a tangible sense of quality.” ~ Dr. Tes

Dr. Tes serves as an Ambassador is so many regards. She was an integral part of the initial team who helped design the model clinic for Open Wide in Peronia, Guatemala. She also served as a translator in important business and legal transactions between Open Wide and the local Government and University as well as translations for videos and documents.

Dr. Tesoniero has made multiple trips for a week at a time serving in the clinic performing dental procedures to the local population and teaching dental residents through hands on cases. She is also a member of the education development committee and is currently developing a materials course which she will be delivering to the University of Mariano Galvez starting 2015.