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Peronia Clinic Announcement

It is with mixed emotions that we announce that Vivian Garcia, the Peronia Main Dental Assistant is leaving to pursue a new career opportunity. We will all miss her so much!

Changing lives every day

Open Wide Foundation is changing smiles and lives every day… When one patient receives a new smile or is finally out of pain, they see themselves differently and live their lives accordingly. When one volunteer gives of their skills and …


Peronia Dental Clinic Fourth Anniversary

At the end of a long workday, on January 21st of this year, an intimate group of Peronia dental clinic staff and volunteers celebrated the fourth anniversary of the Open Wide Foundation. It was a quiet, unremarkable moment, representing a …


CEREC Crowns and Implants Center

In Guatemala, the average annual income is the equivalent of $800.00 and 80% of the population live in extreme poverty. Access to good dentistry like Crowns or Implants is simply limited to the small percentage of the population that have …


Patient Education Stations

In Guatemala, as in most impoverished countries, preventive dental care is an unheard of term. Just keeping food on the table, managing illness and staying safe are the biggest priorities for families. Going to the dentist, if one is available, …


Etelvina’s Kids

Every morning Nun Etelvina Zepeda Abrego arises to greet her young residents at Hogar Marina Guirola Leal. “Como amanacio?”, she asks each one (a good morning greeting in her native Spanish.) as she begins another day of caring for the …


The Swing Set

To the right of the Peronia clinic entrance, nestled between the patient education stations and the clinic administrative building stands a new installation – one that has nothing to do with dentistry, and everything to do with the individual efforts …


Third Anniversary of Peronia Clinic

Three years ago today the Open Wide Peronia clinic opened its doors and our first volunteer team went to work. Thinking back I realize how much we had to learn. Our very first set of patients were five first graders …