Our Story

Open Wide Foundation

The opening of the model clinic in Peronia Guatemala began a journey of growth, discovery and connection for both the community and the dental professionals volunteering there. Several videos about the foundation, clinic construction and opening of the model clinic best tell the amazing effort behind going from a corn field to a working clinic in just 17 days.

Dental Volunteer Trips

The Open Wide Foundation is a humanitarian dental outreach who's mission is to significantly impact oral health for the better in communities of great need. It is made up of a group of dentists, dental professionals and dental industry leaders all contributing toward locally sustainable projects including permanent dental clinics, community education, professional mentoring and prevention programs all in conjunction with the local communities served.

On the Ground Updates

On the ground updates are short and topic specific videos we can share with our supporters and potential volunteers to give you an idea of the accomplishments under way. Things from clinic updates, anniversaries and volunteer reactions while on the trip are included in this section. Please subscribe and you will get a notice as new ones are added.

Volunteer Resources

Open Wide's volunteer resource videos are meant to be on demand information for volunteers going on a dental outreach trip. They include topics like Travel Information, Clinic Setup, Weekly Schedules, Cultural Tours, etc.p