90,000 Patients served and counting

Serving Patients is like planting trees under whose shade you dont expect to sit Nelson HendersonAt this time of year when we reflect on all the blessings in life, it is the connections we’ve made through Open Wide and the patients we’ve served that come to the forefront.

Our volunteers and donors who say “We” when talking about Open Wide. It’s their ownership of the dream and their willingness to give of their money and time that make Open Wide Foundation so successful.

Our dental industry partners who always say “yes” when we need their support both in donations of equipment and supplies as well as their good words and good will as leaders in the dental world.

Our Guatemalan partners who give us their trust and their gratitude as we work together to better the lives of their people.

Our patients – the humble, sweet, gracious Guatemalans – who enter our clinics every day and believe that what we do for them is important and want, for their children, something better than they had.

All of them, in some way, are planting the seeds, for a better future. Together we’re changing lives…

Because of you, Open Wide continues to widen its scope, expanding the reach of sustainable dental care in the most underserved areas.

To date we’ve:
• Started 7 new clinics
• Served over 90,000 patients
• Given 30,000 fluoride washes
• Delivered 8,000 home care packages
• Mentored 40 dental students and
• Offered Open Wide courses in local dental universities.

To continue this work, we still need you. As you look toward your holiday giving plan, we hope you will consider continuing your financial support of Open Wide. Because of the generous support provided by the Spear owners, we are able to direct every dollar to our clinic programs.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays!